A Prayer For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Suicide

by Jennifer Healey, at Healing Brave

May we be free to grieve in our own ways.

May we take all the time we need to heal the wounds nobody can see.

May we give ourselves the compassion we wish our loved ones could have felt.

May we open our hearts even though it hurts,
and recognize that it hurts because it mattered,
and that our hearts are big enough to hold it all.

May we allow ourselves the space to process such great pain.

May we learn patience and forgiveness
and accept that so many questions
will not have answers.

May we never close our own lives to the support we know we need.

May the support systems we build teach us courage and faith,
and to honor our loved ones’ lives and everything they were to us.

May the pain we carry grow lighter as we grow stronger.

May we find purpose in the darkness we’ve crawled through,
and be brave enough to make meaning out of what we can’t change.

May we choose expression over silence, and solidarity over solitude.

May we create something beautiful out of what happened,
whatever kind of beauty we’re drawn to,
and may everything we do in love, be done for them.

In their name, may we learn to love all over again, and again, and again.

“May the radiance and beauty of their lives never be defined by their death.”(unknown)

As we remember their light, may we feel that same light flowing through our veins.

No matter how long it’s been, may we feel their presence so completely,
it’s almost as if they’ve never left.