Mourning Water

When mourning came and I arose,
I did beat down but steady
Came, upon a bridge of destruction and fear,
One to abide or be feared.
I rose above the cindered blocks,
I felt the pain; take me away!
I returned to find a peaceful sigh,
The new was here and was to stay.
My journey long and endless road,
Of bumpy rocks, and wavy past,
I dove beneath and soared above,
Trying not to land alone,

And yet below and still above I see no land worth stumbling on,

So I journey free and stand alone,
Knowing I know what need to be,
Love in my heart for I alone,
With room for company now and then,

And when I need to fill my dream, I will still think of you above,

And then I’ll know it stand true to me,
I need no rock, no land, no tree.
Water is the only one true to me.

-Vivian Reddin 2002






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